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Matthew Farrugia-Roberts
Research Assistant (AI Alignment and Reward Hacking)
David Krueger’s AI Safety Lab
University of Cambridge

Nouns: Matthew, Matt, he/him, they/them (singular)—all fine.

Contact: ‘matthew’ at this domain.

Website perpetually under construction. This page includes my bio, announcements, research interests, publications, teaching, coursework, and affiliations.

About me

I am a student, researcher, and teacher from Melbourne, Australia. I’m now at the University of Cambridge working on understanding goal misgeneralisation with Usman Anwar and David Krueger. I also collaborate on developmental interpretability research with Timaeus and the Melbourne Deep Learning Group, and I help run a virtual AI safety reading group at metauni.

Previously I completed a Master of Computer Science degree at the University of Melbourne, with a thesis on lossless compression of neural networks, supervised by Daniel Murfet. During the degree I completed a virtual research internship at the Center for Human-compatible AI, studying reward learning theory with Adam Gleave and Joar Skalse. I also completed an exchange semester at ETH Zürich.

Before that, I worked as a tutor and lecturer at the University of Melbourne, for classes on programming, algorithmics, artificial intelligence, theoretical computer science, networks, and operating systems. I also completed a Bachelor of Science (taking these classes and others) shortly beforehand.


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Research interests

Broad research interests:

So far, I’m still a student on these topics, with much to learn.

While I’m establishing myself as an academic, I have focussed on some narrower topics:

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Reward learning theory:

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Master of Computer Science, University of Melbourne, part-time 2019–2022

Exchange semester, ETH Zürich, 2020

Bachelor of Science, University of Melbourne, 2014–2016


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